The most Diverse Document on the Planet

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The Champion for Life™ is the most diverse document on the planet. It is a
Thought Tool that inspires connections, thought, reflection, and Progress.
The artistic usage of symbols and linguistics helps produce such inquiry.
The single most powerful concept of "READ" has been selected to symbolize
self-actualization and Human Progress on every level. A story about You...™

A tool with multiple layers of meaning. Academic and Social.

Some meanings associated with the symbols found in The Champion for Life™ concept:


READ! Symbolic for Human Progress, Awareness, Struggle, Effort. To yearn to know, to be better.


The power of Now. The Moment. How Ready are you? A Reminder. Who you are. What must you do?


A reminder to never forget your purpose. What is purpose? Establish goals. To give.


Diversity officially redefined. With over 300 languages, witness the world like never before. See the nations and tribes and the power of (your) human thought.

Inter Faith/Culture

A tool forcing you to see people for the very first time. An anti-racism concept. Everyone is literally on the same page. Instantly have meaningful conversations.

Your Story

Progress. Your potential. The journey. To leave it better than you found it. Your moral footprint. A reminder. This is your story...

The Champion for Life™ Film

My Father's Story

The Champion for Life™ Film's inspiration is due to my father. "What is
the secret of life?" I asked of him one day casually. "Read," he said.

You know, sometimes things don't hit you right away...but the more I
think about it, everything is connected to learning. And I know as
obvious as that is, reading is a primary way of learning. I think his point
was we need to be primary and put in a lot of raw effort, to begin to
see what we never knew of ourselves to be. In this way, we become
deeply responsible for our own learning, and destiny. This is the ultimate
symbolism and truth of what I have learned (& learning!) from his life.

My father is a Champion for Life™.

When you are engaged in trying to be better, and you keep trying to
come back to it, even just to think about it, you care. It's a process. You too,
become A Champion for Life™. Indeed, this was always A story about You...™

And so, to honour my father's struggle and the human potential in all
of us, I travelled back to where it all started, Faisalabad, Pakistan. I
always wanted to tell his story; The Champion for Life™ Film
gave me that chance.






Film Produced





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User Guide

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Poster + User Guide

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Are you a Museum, City, or Collector?

The Champion for Life™ Mural in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

The Champion for Life™ was installed at the Ghanta Ghar in Faisalabad, Pakistan for The Champion for Life™ film shoot. It was 8 feet high X 12 feet wide. This is a possible dimension for a public display (it can scale bigger or smaller accordingly). If you are a Museum or city planner, The Champion for Life™ is a powerful way to reflect Human Progress in your city.

Contact to discuss your needs.

Help 'America First,' to recognize Diversity

The Champion for Life™ to Donald Trump.

Diversity is a key concept in 2017.

Give a fellow American The Champion for Life™. Seeing is believing. Yes! This is how many people live on this planet and probably a lot of these cultures have ties in America too.

The Champion for Life™ is the perfect catalyst to have meaningful discussions easily and to learn about each other. Many cultures are represented and literally on the same page.

This is a massive tool for dialogue, interfaith conversations, storytelling, debate and much more. Simply put, this is a great visual tool for American's to have.

How can we get this to Donald Trump?!